Thesis Project Anybody?

What grade would you give the blog at this point in the process?

  • A (commentary makes sense, everything understandable, no problems
  • B (makes sense, but maybe some distracting spelling/design errors)
  • C (boring, not well thought out, ideas unclear or hazy, tacky design, but somewhat promising …)
  • D ( doesn’t make any sense, lofty ideas but no content, get real.)
  • F (you will never graduate, poor fool!)

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Is anyone else working on a senior thesis?

I really don’t have much to show off so far, I’ve barely started drawing, but I’ve done quite a bit of writing about my project as well as some design research. it would be awesome if I could get some feedback on the blog I started: So far it’s some loosely defined concepts, and some images of work I want to keep in mind during development and process as the semester progresses.

If anyone wants to take a look and see if they can figure out what is going on and if my thought process is well-documented or completely unclear I would be grateful. Also if anyone wants feedback on their stuff, post a link!


If I get some positive feedback here, I’m going to give the link to my client organization so that they watch me progress and add comments, etc.


—Aaron Huston