Thesis: Collective Intelligence in Design Research

Hello all,

I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce my thesis research to our great community here.

The theme is “How might we harness collective intelligence through crowd sourcing in order to strengthen social design initiatives”. For any of you who are interested in Design for Social Innovation, Collective Intelligence, Crowdsourcing, Participatory Design, as well as the role of design in International Development and Aid, I cordially invite you to participate in the discussion over the coming year!

My background is in Industrial Design, but Panthea Lee’s series of articles “The Messy Art of Saving the World” here on Core77 have strongly influenced the direction of my research. The growing role of design in social development, as well as the emerging potential of harnessing collective intelligence in powerful new ways has created a fascinating topic to explore and help articulate. I’m excited to say that I have been able to connect with some prominent figures in the field, most recently Emily Pilloton of Project H Design, and I’m looking forward to the project picking up more steam and the prospect of engaging in discussion with more people through channels like these.

Inspired by other great projects I’ve seen on here, I’ve decided to update my progress regularly on a blog at Since the nature of the research has to do with collective intelligence and “wisdom of the crowds” I’d love to engage in some great discussion with the crowds on here!

Thanks for your time,


Here’s my first attempt at communicating my research area to an audience outside of the academic environment. Really a great exercise to try and distill the key points and articulate what’s truly important and exciting. [vimeo][/vimeo]