These strokes... Possible in photoshop?!

I found this nice sketch from BMW’s new bikes.

Now, these strokes, are they possible in photoshop? I noticed that the terminus of each directional stroke has a very similar contour that maintains tangency to the direction of each stroke.

I’m assuming that this means that the stroke direction is calculated into the ‘feature’ at the end of each stroke.

Is this possible in photoshop?!

I’m referencing the atmospheric grayscale strokes in the background.

Looks like it might just be a flattened round brush with the angle rotated vertically?

If you have a Wacom tablet you can use the shape dynamics section of the brush panel and set the angle control to either pen tilt or direction to get a similar effect. The stroke will end based on the direction or angle of the stylus.

Lots of neat effects you can get with the different brush options.

You can also look for existing brush libraries that people have created for different effects.