There are three kinds of rocks

That’s terrific

Posted after imbibing the 4th kind? Crack.

But which one is the best? I vote igneous.

Which type of rock does Keyshot use for units of scale? I had assumed it was moon-rocks… but if there are only 3 kinds of rock, it must fall into this list. :slight_smile:

So which one did Charlie Brown get?

“I got Iraq.”

-George Bush

“I got Iraq.”

-George Bush

Aww, man… I jus’ gotta leave this one up for a couple more days. It has promise… …

There are just 2 types, rocks for skipping and rocks for throwing at glass houses.

Geology is the study of time- and pressure.

“I want a rock”

Dee Snyder, 1984

I vote igneous. They are so HOT!!! :slight_smile: