the zillion nudge to ask about laptops!

hi everyone!
i know its about the zillion time this question comes up here but since the innovations are so fast - i will be the zillion nudge to ask it again:
im an industrial designer who’s much “on the road”.
obviously desktops would always be better than laptops, but due to the circumstance i really need a good advice and a recommendation as for the best laptop to work with heavy graphics and 3D (i have just began studding the MAYA so it has to bear it too as much as solid-works, photoshop, freehand, flash and so on).
money is not a problem… (unless its really really expensive :wink: )
help anyone?! please…
tam :open_mouth:

You’re a dumb ass. There are so many threads on this topic. One is a few lines down from the one you just posted.