the zillion nudge to ask about laptops

hi everyone!
i know its about the zillion time this question comes up here but since the innovations are so fast - i will be the zillion nudge to ask it again:
im an industrial designer who’s much “on the road”.
obviously desktops would always be better than laptops, but due to the circumstance i really need a good advice and a recommendation as for the best laptop to work with heavy graphics and 3D (i have just began studding the MAYA so it has to bear it too as much as solid-works, photoshop, freehand, flash and so on).
money is not a problem… (unless its really really expensive :wink:
help anyone?! please…
tam :open_mouth:

That’s always a good question.

Current laptops have plenty of speed, memory, video memory, and hd space for most design needs.
They also offer more of a complete package than desktops.
And if the power goes out, you basically have a very good UPS.

What desktop?

Dell Inspiron 9300. You can get it with a GeForce 6800/256, which I think can be SoftQuadro’d (better performance in Solidworks and Studiotools). Large display, a DVI port to hook up externals, and decent battery life, plus it’s cheap right now.

About five people in my ID class have bought/will buy that laptop, in various configurations, to fulfill the computer requirement for the school. Mine should arrive in about a week :slight_smile:

If you are going to run 3D apps (Alias StudioTools, Maya, Proe, Solidworks, etc.) it is strongly recommanded to go for OpenGL based systems. These systems are classified as “workstations” and are more thoroughly tested and tunned than regular laptops. They also come with standard 3 years warranty. The two top ones of the moment are the Dell M70 and the HP nw8240. From the standard configs, I would top the RAM to 2Gb. and are both good sources of information.

we use those to run alias autostudio and pro/e. very stable, very fast. have a look if this is something for you. not the prettiest but hey, it’s the reliability and the output that matters…

…solidworks, rhino, illustrator and ps on a hp/compaq nw8000 for 1.5yrs…slug-ugly…no worries though.

Toshiba customized Satellite P32 17incher. 10 months old. Ran great until a month ago. heats up like a son of a bitch and turns off within a few minutes. i have the stupid thing propped up on random things around my desk like calculators and caliper cases to keep it from over-heating (which doesnt help half the time). The things sucks now. About to send it back this week before the warranty is up.