The WorryWoo Monsters Plush and Books

I just wanted to share with everyone my new line of books and dolls called The WorryWoo Monsters. This series started as an art exhibition in 2001 called “The Monsters in My Head”. I built 6 24X36 light boxes and xerox transferred the stories of each illustrated monster onto the face of light boxes, then lit the monsters from behind. Each monster represented an emotion. I loved this installation so much, I continued to build the characters and now I am slowly producing the whole series as books and plush dolls. I am so proud that my storybooks from this series are now available at The MoMA stores in NYC!! Let me know what you think!

Check them out at

Nice - those are some great characters. Thanks for the post!

I’d be really curious to see what the insides of the books are like - can you post some sample pages?

You’ve got some really original, endearing character designs there…

Here are two of my favorite pages from “The Lonely Little Monster”. This book is the story of Nola, The Monster of Loneliness. Each WorryWoo is based on an emotion.
I’ll see if I have any pages from Rue’s story too. His book is “The Nose That Didn’t Fit” and he is the Monster of Insecurity.

Thanks for asking to see some pages!

You can also win a first addition signed book and Rue doll at!