The World =/= The United States.

I couldn’t help but notice Core’s Job ad that the World is seeking a President of the United States. I’d like to remind everyone that (for the moment anyway) we are a sovereign nation and the world doesn’t get to pick who they want, American citizens do (not counting illegal aliens and Bart Simpson, of course).

Sovereignty does not mean isolationism. It does not mean we don’t work together with other countries. However, it does mean we decide our fate - not the UN, not some wacko country that happens to be on the security council, American citizens.



unfortunately we’ve stuck our fingers in a lot of people’s business and thus there are a lot of non Americans who have an interested in the leadership of this country.

its ok for people to have opinions and share them (even if you don’t agree with them!).

However, it does mean we decide our fate - not the UN, not some wacko country that happens to be on the security council, American citizens.

Tell that to your average Iraqi citizen.

(I usually don’t get involved in this stuff - but that one was too easy to pass up)

What the world is seeking is a US president that does not scare the &#($$ out of them. :slight_smile:

In principle I agree, but ever since we decided that were in the regime change business, turn about is fair play.

As someone who spends a decent amount of time out of the country, the world’s perspective on us and our leaders actually means a lot to me, and as a future designer, it should to you, too. These are our customers, our suppliers, our colleagues, and our lenders. Their opinion carries weight. They don’t get to choose, but as Americans we would all be wise to at least give their thoughts a fair hearing.

If anything, I would think it should be “The US =/= The World”.

When there’s a new NBA champion they always call them the world champion. I’ve also wondered for a long time why is the MLB championship called the “World Series”. Then I realized that the meaning of “world” is relative.

Don’t worry about being misunderstood. Habits are always hard to kick. :stuck_out_tongue:

Every country on the UN security council had intelligence for WMDs, we found some chemical weapons, even though they were old, and Hussein’s gone. It’s really hard to judge which would be worse, Hussein or the alternative kind of violence. Things are pretty good now, though (not really reported on).

I agree with the above 2 comments. Just sad to keep losing sovereignty (personal and national) a little bit at a time.

the position appears to be filled =)

Faith in humanity restored!

Let’s keep the momentum going!!


Yeah we were pretty excited too. Quite a suspenseful evening!

I thought that the way the republicans acted when McCain spoke about Obama as opposed to how the dems acted when O spoke about McCain is really a good measure of the types of people involved. McCain, even though I don’t agree with his positions, is a great man, and a great american. We could use more people with his levels of integrity and passion, in any nation. We also need Obama’s enthusiasm and personality in these unsure times. Ultimately I hope they work together, as we really need all the great minds available to pull not just our country out of the can.

I just hope Obama knows what they hell he’s doing or else all the cheering adulation he’s coveted around the world isn’t going to mean squat. It looks to be a short honeymoon:

Hear hear!

Anybody notice that McCain held his conference at the Biltmore in Arizona (where this years IDSA national conference was). I guess he knew he was going to lose so he figured he might as well jump straight into vacation after! :laughing:

Wow. Are you talking about the cherry-picked intelligence and the WMDs Santorum, Hoekstra, and Fox “reported”? Because both are big bags of fail. As for violence in Iraq, other than oil, why is our business? I thought we can drill baby drill, no need for mideast oil.

Also, an example of the US losing sovereignty would be nice. As for individual sovereignty, I thought that was held by a monarch, we citizens hold rights, we are not sovereign.

What if the world did vote for POTUS? Sure Europe, the Arabs, & East Africa would elect Obaiden in a landslide but how bout the rest? Asia would be a mixed bag I bet. Brazil? Australia?

Seems as though the rest of the world is pretty damn interested this election. The “job” posting was a bit tongue in cheek. If you didnt get that I think you’re taking things a bit too literally or have some kind of disgruntled point of view regarding the jovial, yet optimistic sentiment that Core77 had in the posting.

I love that it was a person from Utah and Kansas complaining about the faux Presidential job listing. Sounds like sour grapes.

Down with Dopes! Up with Hope!

…the election he had won only hours before, or even mention him by name.

Later in the day, the Kremlin announced that Mr. Medvedev had sent Mr. Obama a congratulatory > telegram> .

The speech — which was rescheduled twice for revisions as the financial crisis worsened — sho…

Which Obama never received because who the f*** still sends a telegram?! No one noticed the last working telegraph, located in the Smithsonian, was clicking away, which was not a big deal because the last guy to learn morris code as a boy scout died three months ago…

We should send him a smoke signal of thanks.

I picture a 12 year old boy in a tweed vest and cap running into the room, “Urgent telegram from Western Union for Mr. Obama!”

Western Union stopped doing telegrams a couple years ago. I don’t know if the Telex network still even exits. I imagine what they really do now is send an email and print it out.

I bet it was an email full of . and _ and someone had to translate. LOL.

Oh, and just to ruffle some feathers, I didn’t get to pick the next president by voting, the electoral college did. I still can’t figure out how the hell that works. :unamused: