The wonderful world of...

Welcome to the wonderful world of Asinine job postings:

“Looking for entry level Graphic Designer. 2+ years exp” - Last I checked, entry level meant little or no experience.

“Minimum 3 years experience( prefer 5 years) working in advertising design and prepress. 30,000.00 - 33,000.00 USD /year, NO PRIMADONAS! Leave your ego at the door.”

  • Perhaps what they think they are experiencing as primadonas are people with 5 years experience making 30k and are disgruntled?

I can’t even tell you all how many job postings I’ve seen in mid to high level cost of living areas offering $12.00 with a Bachelor’s degree and 2 years of experience required. Now, is the market really that bad, or are the corporate swines siezing the day? I typically don’t start a rant post, but this is ridiculous.

Haha. Very common that some posters will ask for the sky and label the post as entry level.

Try this:

T-Shirt Graphic Designer
XXXXXXX’s is the premier promotional middle-market department store, headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, with more than 260 locations in 14 states. We’re a friendly neighborhood store and a major retail force in every community we serve. We are currently looking for an outstanding candidate for this position in the Product Design and Development area of our Corporate Headquarters in Hayward, California.

Partner with Design Team to develop Screen Graphics and Prints for owned brand apparel products. Utilize existing design systems to produce production ready artwork that is original and technically correct.

  • Manage Design projects and provide technical expertise.
  • Develop strong working relationships with Design teams providing groups with Concepts, Design Ideas and Time & Action strategies.
  • Use Design Software packages to, create original graphics and illustrated prints, scan and manipulate purchased art and create original textile prints, plaids and stripes.

  • Ensure all project deadlines are met and followed through with design needs within the defined levels of service.
  • Support entire Textile Design Team in managing seasonal workflow by finding opportunities to work across all divisions
  • Research graphic trends using available resources including shopping, travel and Internet.

  • Responsible for testing of new design technology –(software and hardware ) to support equipment upgrades and implementation of new products to aid the design process.
  • Contribute and implement ideas for special projects to increase use of technology in the Design area and support “speed is life” mentality.
  • Track development data to measure productivity and document origins of artwork.
  • Develop team member skills by mentoring, team assistant and interns.
  • Train team members on various design software programs.
  • Assume “point person” responsibility for guiding users in use of design tools.
  • Execute technical reports/line art when needed.


* Bachelor’s Degree in a business-related field. MBA or candidate preferred or commensurate level of corporate experience.
* 2 years retail experience preferred Supervisory and/or project lead experience preferred

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to deliver effective financial presentations to non-financial team members and management.
  • Solid analytical skills.
  • Strong planning and organization skills
  • Ability to work independently and as a team member
    * Solid skills in a combination of tools such as Excel, Access, Essbase, and Visio
  • Familiarity with Word and PowerPoint.
  • Proven client service and customer service commitment
    * Computer experience in financial modeling.
  • Knowledge of retail accounting highly desirable

This post starts with reasonable description of a shirt designer. “Use design software, etc.”

“…Develop ideas… research trends,…” starting to get a little big for t-shrt desiger, but OK.

“…testing of new design technology…Develop team member skills by mentoring, team assistant and interns.” Wait a minuite, I’m a graphic designer, If you want a MENTOR, hire a senior designer. How am I supposed to design t-shirs when I’m mentoring other designers? O-K maybe this job is really not hands on. Maybe its really a senior position and I’m overseeing and approving designs. Whatever!

“Bachelor’s Degree in a business-related field. MBA or candidate preferred or commensurate level of corporate experience.” WHAT? This isnt a design position anymore! What is happening here? Are design software apps so damn easy to use that any-body can become a graphic t-shirt designer-- even a Masters of Business Administration??? What is going on here? Is this design by formula? Design from Oijua Board?

“Knowledge of retail accounting highly desirable.” Some-body at this company has to get their head put back on their shoulders. What does this have to do with T-Shirt Graphic Design?

I was laughing
almost all day
after this post.

Good Luck
Job Hunters.
Keep your
sense of humor.

Just last week the principal at some small ad agency contacted me. He spotted a post of my on one of my lists and checked out my website. He was all ready to have me come in for an interview until he heard I had little production experience. He actually said to me, “I need someone who can do more than think.”

If he actually read my resume it was quite obvious what level of experience I had. Also, you can teach someone production, that’s just a bit of experience but you can’t teach someone to think.

One other thing. He STARTED of the conversation asking me why I wanted full time. He was waiting for me to say job security which is not the reason I gave him. Then he proceed to tell me that there was no job security in the advertising industry and he couldn’t promise me that I would have a job more than 3 month…blah, blah blah.

This was the first time someone had discussed canning me even before I get the interview or even the job. Not someone I really wanted to work for.

There are plenty of jerks out there but don’t get discouraged. There are some nice people to work for too.

No such thing as intro jobs left anymore in Graphic Design. I suggest you find an intership to gain experience.

I saw a post offering $40/hr for a designer with 5+ years experience. Havent I seen posts here where freelancers (beginners at that) charge around $65/hr? the gods are crazy…

here it is, tell me what you guys think:
Senior Industrial designer to provide industrial design duties reporting to ****** Industrial Design manager. Duties include concept and ideation, rendering, production graphics, computer visualizations creation of industrial design databases, basic hand modeling skills, design brainstorming. $35.00 - $38.00/Hour

Senior Industrial designer … $35.00 - $38.00/Hour

Not sure where the location of this job is. For full time work it sounds pretty good. For freelance, they are dreaming if they thing they are going to get quality for that price.