the wildcar

Hello guys. I am new in this site and this is my first post. Otherwise the site is cool. Well here is my labor . What about? You can see more photos on my wordpress: The Wild Emotion | andras's public designlab site. I am an architect but I am very open for industrial design as well. try to enjoy :smiley:

Welcome to the boards!

Interesting concept, not really my style though but a compelling presentation.

I like the idea of playing around with the exposed exhaust pipes, but you don’t really follow through on the back side, I can’t figure out where the exhaust pipes end? Do they shoot out the slit behind the door? If so that’s a pretty dangerous place to put them.

The mesh grille in the front cheapens the look of the car, in my opinion. It doesn’t really relate to the other forms in the front end. They way it is cutting into the bodywork looks awkward and makes the nose look structurally weak. I think it would look better removed.

What did you render your model in? Hypershot? The render in front of the building is pretty sweet.

Keep the work coming!

Oh, thanks the criticism :smiley:

It rendered by yafray (8min). Anyway some people’s opinions are same like yours maybe I make some change however I try to thinking an new one GT edition; reshaping the whole body, reorganizing the pipes; etc. as well as front lights, and rear side of course.

Why do you think that the exhaust slit is dangerous?

I really like the open wheel design of it, it gives a very “roadster” feel to the design. I was curious why the exhaust was plumbed the way it was, aesthetically it looks great, but is the piping equal length? Maybe putting a collector at the grill area where the enter the car would draw them all together. I would definitely drive it if it was real!