The WICHE, help?

Okay, so I currently reside in Arizona, and have been here for just about 2 years, and I really would like to move back where I came from, Washington, to go to College. I would like to take the ID course at Western Washington University, but seeing as I live in Arizona, I really don’t have the money for a non-resident tuition. Then I read about WICHE (The Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education)…From what I can tell, it looks as though 15 states have this program where you can apply to become an exchange student and go to one of the states for education…

Does anyone know if this would be applicable to me, someone said that since Arizona has an ID program at ASU that it wouldn’t be possible, but I couldn’t find any information on it and was wondering if someone here did.

I am a Junior in High School, so I have another year here…but I want to know where I’m going to go, or if I would be able to go.

Thanks in advanced.