The Whodio? Employment Blog ~UK

Hey Guys,

as once again i’ve been knocked back from a job application i have started a blog called ‘The Whodio?’ I’m going to document all of my actions from graduation till hopefully landing a position. Maybe it’ll help some people in my position next year not go through the same mistakes as I have? I’ve only just started it so I only have two posts but i’ll type the other ones up this week and get them posted.

What do you reckon?

still going on this, re-vamped the page to introduce a few more ‘gadgets’ or whatever blogger wants me to use. ill keep updating over the next few months

An interesting blog, I remember trying to get my first job – not easy. Take the rest of what I say with a pinch of salt, anyone can give advice on Core and it is only personal opinion.

  1. Be careful not to criticize any design agency, you don’t want to bite the hand that feeds. I’m not saying you have yet or will, but the old saying, ‘never close a door’ still applies, so bear it in mind no matter how bad the interview/rejection.

  2. It’s a good CV/portfolio – nice projects generally well executed, but there’s loads more you can do with your CV/sending out package. The CV is very short – even for a graduate and doesn’t really tell the employer a lot about you. Yes it has to be concise, but… A while ago this was discussed on Core – go here if you haven’t already.

You could make a lot more of your key skills – what’s your model making like, sketching ability, giving presentations etc

  1. This is personal taste again, but the sketches behind the CV don’t do you justice, they would benefit from their own page and/or make them more interesting, small, larger, over lap them, cram them in etc. Believe me employers really scrutinize this sort of thing. It looks like you’ve shown a little bit of everything, but not enough of anything.

  2. I think the granny carry concept is your weakest piece of work, not because it’s a bad project, it’s a very worthy field of investigation; but it does have an A-level look about it compared to the other two projects, which look much more professional. As it’s the first project an employer comes to in the teaser, this is worth thinking about/considering – there is always a better way to tell a story and you want to look as professional as possible.

Your CV took a lot of time and effort, you’ve got this far, had a rest, sent it to a few people, But there is nothing- even by the best designers, that cannot be improved upon. 100 meter sprinters don’t say to themselves, ‘now I’ve run 10 seconds I can stop. I’m not going to worry about shaving that extra 100th of a second off’ etc – neither should any designer.