The Wayback Portfolio Thread...

It’s always fun to look back.

Post your old portfolio (with dates).

Here’s the complete set of mine from school until I started my consultancy in 2007 and moved most of the work into a Studio Portfolio and online.

Let’s see yours!


Bonus business cards and CVs.

As you can see I’ve always liked the personal branding aspect of making portfolios as much as the packaging and content side of things.

Somewhere around here I think I also have an archive of my first hand coded portfolio website circa 1998…


I think this is the only thing I’m willing to put up here. How the heck did I ever get a job?!?!

The physical models actually aren’t too bad. It’s weird because I never made a physical model after uni.

The 3D model is OK, I guess. I think I did it in Alias! Wow!

The Photoshop render is horrendous. I rarely do those either, but I hope I would do it better today. My only excuse is that there were not nearly the tutorials available in '00/'01 than are available now.

Nice Ray.

Come on everyone, let’s see it. We all got old portfolios…


Here’s some 2009-2011 student stuff. Can’t believe how fast it has become ancient history.

A MontBlanc Kitchen sink… this project was great- pick a brand and an object out of hat. The class ended up with some Jeep office supplies and Oral B kitchen gadgets… and wackier combinations I can’t recall.

Lamp. I didn’t know at the time I’d get so interested in flatpack/folding and surfaces.

A rethink of the disposable camera…

It’s a little hard to look at now, but it does make me want to look at going back to school.

The lights are actually nice. I love those flat pack concepts. I think if I had a month back in school, I would geek out on a flat pack project too.

Thanks for sharing!

Speaking of flat pack, just found these from 1year portfolio. Who hasn’t done a cardboard chair?


I designed cardboard chairs after I read Victor Papanek, but never built one. I have a bunch of Ikea cardboard left over after setting up my wife’s office, that would be a great project with the kids…

I need to dig up more, but 1998, right after school. 24" x 36" charcoal and pencil on newsprint. The TT stood for Taggart Transcontinental… the train line in Atlas Shrugged… I wen through an embarrassing Ayn Rand phase. Luckily my wife snapped me out of it. The idea was for a fuel cell train, so it still emitted steam as an exhaust.

Here are sketches and renders from my first portfolio after school. This project is late 2012 and put the portfolio together in 2013, didn’t know how to use InDesign so I made each page in Photoshop and combined the pages into a PDF!

This was a furniture project for multi-purpose dining table for small homes…mine was a desk/table that you could cover up the desk part for your meal. I spent hours trying to find the sweet spot as to have an appropriate height for the table whilst not having the desk part too low as to hit your knees. Loved an orange box too:

Sorry for the double post, second portfolio after a great internship and things had gotten a bit better. Worked on the projects in late 2014 and in 2015 I discovered an online printing place to get physical copies made, these went down a treat on interviews. Copics in the background of course:

Work had improved too, phone project I did as a side project:

Redid one from school, the old design a product using the values of a brand. This was what a Harley Davidson camera could look like:

Triple post, sorry.

Here’s my attempt. 2008 I believe, pre-university…in the UK you finish secondary school (High School) at 16, do A-Levels at what we call college until you are 18. Most people go to university but if you want to do something creative you can do what’s called a ‘foundation course’ for a year. This was my final major project all done by hand as I didn’t know how to use any software (didn’t even know illustrator was a thing). I designed all the templates and cut them out on the floor of my childhood bedroom (my god if I had known what a laser cutter was). The instructions were screen printed on the side and I had just enough money to get some large scale prints done of photos I’d taken of my parent’s lawn to spray mount on the side! We had a final show at the end and I got a roll of fake grass…somehow I thought cardboard furniture would stand up well outside?

These are all great. Keep em coming. Add the date too. Helps for context!


These were my most flashy photoshop-renders in my graduation portfolio -06 (problably still are lol). Harald Belker’s Gnomon Workshop DVDs anyone?

Followed by a combination of Rhino-Poser-Flamingo-Cinema4D-PHOTOSHOPLENSFLARE. Oh the student software-bingining days…

From 2010 4th year thesis, pretty much just want to design a spaceship at that time. But you know, got to do ID instead of movie props for sake of GPA.
I now find the sea turtle ergonomic laughable, but was dead serious about it at the time.

This another project’s physical prototype, had a lot of fun with this one.

all right, I dug up a bunch of 1998 work from graduation and just after to put together in this video about how I totally messed up my first Nike job offer.

Here are some pics.

Presentation boards for a Nike sponsored project that I presented out in Portland. I was already doing the upside down view it seems :slight_smile:

work from Nissan sponsored project in my last term

Some large format black and white work I did in a little studio set up I made in my parents basement using my old freshman year figure drawing supplies. After loosing the job at Nike and not getting a job after interviews and interactions at Adidas, Converse, and SeaDoo I moved back home and just kept trying to keep my spirits up by making more work.

Some other work I dug up for the video:

I want to see more embarrassing work. This stuff is way too good!

This was my hottest sketch and rendering after first year. haha. I guess I don’t need to date it on account of the floppy disc…