The value of something...

I have a nice stainless steel kitchen knife, the type that the handle is molded with the blade as one piece. It’s getting dull so I went to the store to find a sharpener.

On the shelf hung the same knife and a sharpener made by the same company( somehow the store only carried one sharpener). Both are priced at $9.99. So when both the knife and sharpener are priced the same, would you just get a new knife or get the sharpener?

My knife is still dull though.

depends on whether you would ever need to sharpen your sharpener

I think I would go for the new knife, considering the life of the old one is over. Change is inevitable. And anyways, getting a new knife reduces an extra job of sharpening it. :slight_smile:

Maybe I’m not getting a joke here. But can’t you sharpen a knife more than once with a sharpener? Also, I’m pretty sure it could be used to sharpen more than one knife!

i would put it this way, to take a cab and to buy a car, they are the same cost, which one do you choose ?

Yeah once when I was young I bought a knife sharpener, Pendrini or whatever that Italian kitchenwear company was called. Didn’t do crap.

So I bought a set of Henckles “eversharp” knives. They don’t stay sharp forever (got to go Ginsu if you want that) but they stay sharp for a long time. You cannot sharpen them though because they are double serrated.

I would go with a couple of decent quality whetstones. I have a set of three
(fine, very-fine, and extra-fine) and you can sharpen just about any bladed implement with them. I have only one decent cooking knife and it only takes a couple minutes every once in a while to keep it scary sharp.
Then again I’m not exactly the iron chef. :slight_smile:
I just figure that you could buy a new knife, but then you’ll have to buy another one sooner or later. If you buy the stones once, you don’t have to buy anything else. Its also better if you should find a knife that is really nicely designed to be able to keep it sharp.