the value of design

hi there :slight_smile:
i’m a brazilian design student and i’m about to graduate.
my final project is about design and innovation processes. i’m questioning how and how often designers are being integrated to this subject. therefore i also need to know what the designers think about it. i couldn’t find any better way of searching a great number of designers such as this forum and other mailing lists :slight_smile: i need to finish this till february 2005, so i’m kinda desperate :slight_smile: i’d apreciate it very much if you all could help me out :slight_smile:

it’s very QUICK. here it goes:

  1. in general, how does a new product come out within your company?

  2. is there any process involving new product development? who takes part on this process?

  3. as a designer, what do you consider being your greatest contributions to your company?

  4. from 0 to 10, how much do you think your potencial (as a designer) is being valued?

  5. in order to create inovative products, do designers need to be included? in what parts of the processes?

PLEASE, don’t forget to tell me your age, job position and the kind of company you work for (graphic, web, fashion, etc…).

i’d be very very much greatful if you could send me your answers to:

thank you very much for your attention. i’ll buy everyone a trip to rio :slight_smile:
nani brunini

ps: sorry for the poor english :frowning: