The usual: new designer in a rut.

Hey, hey
I’m going to be starting design.

I took a few years of fine arts in a private art school, but
that was a few years ago.
I don’t really have a good handle on digital art.
Yes, I know how to use Adobe and even some animation programs
such as Lightwave. I was just never any good at it.
But this designing job was just CALLING to me.
They need people and keep coming back to me because
they also needed a receptionist
and they’d be getting a double deal with me
since that kind of work is all I’ve been doing.(what a long sentence
if not a fragment.)

Let’s make this less of a general question.

How would you prepare before designing?
Do you sketch first?
Do you look for sources on the internet?

I like to play around with the objects and create
many rough drafts with different arrangements
until I like one and then I refine it, but I want a good process
so that the end result will look professional.

I’d really appreciate the advice. :wink:

I generally find things that inspire me and go from there…