The University of the Arts

This school has the best ID program on the east coast. Another school in philadelphia,The Art Institute is not acredited and teches only basic product design skills. UARTS covers a wide variety of skills and techniques that will ensure future students top performance at many design firms and companies.
This is great and acredited school and job placement for ID students is very high!

… ok, i guess you go there.

I think we just got telemarketed! Girls Girls Girls!!!

I agree Vince, I don’t need nothin, but a good time - if the telemarketer called and offered me that I’d raise a toast to all of us, C.C. pick up that guitar and talk to me!

That sounds like a good idea for a song - telemarketer calling and offering me love - and I say how much does it cost? and she says “half of everything you own!” And then at the end of the song, I hang up on the telemarketer, maybe stomping on the phone like Axel did in that one video - but the phone keeps ringing! Sort of a metaphor for life I guess.

Poetry Vince, poetry…
You could title it “Don’t call here again!” or “sexy telemarketer”

I would also say in the video, if you started the house on fire while you were talking to the telemarketer, that would be sweet, and at the end the whole house is on fire and you’re still stomping on the phone, oblivious to the fire, because you don’t care, you don’t feel the fire, just the anger at the phone, and then, at the very end, the camera shows this melted phone, and maybe it’s still ringing! Fade to black.

I have to say Brett, before this the only thing I liked about Poison was that guitar that looked like a skull that CC played, but now I realize that you too are a rock genius like myself.

I would suggest as the house is burning, Vince walks outside and into the pouring rain, then falls on his knees and looks up into the rain… and all the while he has the phone in his hand and slamming it on the ground, and maybe we put Slash in a priest outfit and he’s giving a sermon and then all of the sudden starts wailing on his guitar.

Also I think you should show the telemarketer chick, with really sexy clothes on talking on the phone, and that way the burning house is a metaphor for the hotness of the chick.

I don’t like you guys stealing the scene of stomping on the phone, that was my idea for the patience video - actually I’m usually pissed off like that, that wasn’t acting, that was real, I go through about 10 of those neon phones a week.

I like the idea of showing the hot telemarketer, maybe it shows her at work, but instead of a cubicle, her desk is a big bed! So when she’s talking to me on the phone she’s rolling around in the bed and that’s when the house starts on fire. I think I’m going to have to stomp on the phone, it’s not the same when you slam the phone with your hand. We’ll try to make it look different from when you did it Axel.

I think you’re all wrong with the burning house, I say a motorcycle theme - like your driving around on your harley with the rest of Motley Crue and you get a call on your cell phone from the hot telemarketer, so your driving and talking to her and maybe some police are chasing us and so there’s a bunch of crash scenes and the whole while you’re talking to the hot chick - you would look really cool - like you just don’t care!

And then at the end SHE hangs up on you and you’re looking at the phone and maybe shed a tear as the police are cuffing you - or it could show you crying in the jail cell alone - maybe not crying, but sad - you know

I don’t know about the motorcycle thing - who talks on the phone when they’re riding a motorcycle - also I don’t like the telemarketer hanging up on ME - the whole idea was me saying no to the telemarketer because she was jerking me around - and the phone stomping is a great metaphor for me stomping on a phone - you dig?

I don’t even know what this site is…are there mature girls here?

I think I’d have to agree with Dee on that - what are we doing talking about about some telemarketer chick -

I think a better idea for a song/video would be a girl stalking Vince - waiting in the bushes at night while he’s is rocking out at home with his guitar, like he’s singing to her - but he doesn’t know the hot chick is outside his window - sort of like “who’s stalking who” - and then maybe Vince sees her moving around in the bushes and is like “what the…”

And then she starts making calls to him and hanging up, or saying “you’ve just won a free tv!”. I think instead of bugging out it would look cool if Vince is totally cool about it - he knows theres a hot chick stalking him, but he’s going to mess with her - so he says back into the phone “it would be a lot cooler if I had won your love instead of that tv” and then she starts crying, because she’s obviously nuts to be stalking him.

Then, you see where I’m going don’t you - the house mysteriously starts on fire, and then Vince starts going into his guitar solo standing on the bed, with the house burning around him, and the girl starts running away, but looking back, because she can’t stop thinking about him. I think it’s a good metaphor for how we all love and lose, like we’re all getting stalked, but just don’t realize it, until it’s too late.

No no no, all wrong - how about an island of chicks like on Octopussy, and they take Vince prisoner, and they’re going to sacrifice him, but then he gets a last request - to rock out and serenade all the chicks -

Cut to a stage with flames all around and he wails on his guitar and the chicks are all goin wild and then they all start taking off their clothes and rockin out! Then at the end there’s a whole pile of hot chicks and Vince is sitting on top of them all wailing. Then a helicopter comes down with the rest of Motley Crue and they throw him a rope, but he doesn’t take it, because what sane man would want to be rescued??!!! Then at the very end as sort of wierd twist the helicopter could crash, just to throw a big explosion in.

and to finally get rid of Motley Crue. You’d think between them there’s been enough STDs and drugs to kill at least ONE of them off… Jeezy Creezy…

Sandscarab, you have you facts wrong. The Art Institute of Philadelphia IS accredited, and why are you so against it? I love going there, and although my class started out with some pretty less than average people, they have all dropped out, and we have some amazing people at AI. My reasoning for going there…family of 6 + all four siblings in college at the same time + full scholarship = no choice, it’s free! I don’t feel like I am any less than you or anyone else who go to big name schools, i got into UARTs, Tyler and syracuse. I just dont want to spend the rest of my life paying for school or burdening my parents even more than they already are with college bills.

Ok, maybe not an island, more like a planet of hot chicks, and I’m on a space ship that happens to crash there, and then the hot chicks take me prisoner - and are going to sacrifice me - but then I start wailing on my guitar and it creates a sort of shockwave and all the chicks start worshipping me like I’m a god - and I just keep wailing on my guitar until the rest of the Crue lands and joins me, and then we get back on the spaceship and pull away and the hot chicks are hanging from the spaceship like on Apocalypse Now - it would be sort of a metaphor for love, you know, like love conquers all - and the spaceship would be a metaphor for how us rockers are always on the road and can’t settle down - destined to roam the galaxy rockin out!