The University of liverpool

Hey guys
I got admissions in MSc Product design and management at Univ of Liverpool
Product Design and Management - MSc (Eng)

I am basically a engg and wanted to do the creative side of product design but so far… this is the only place i have got the admissions… what do u guys think of this opportunity’s…

Secondly would i be able to go into the creative side of product design after this???

see the course details here

Programme code: MSC/PRDESMAN
Major code: ISMA
Programme length: 1 year

Programme Outline
Product Design is a key business process for modern industry. The
ability to develop new products with market appeal, high quality and
reliability within budget and time is crucial to the health and growth of a
company. The aim of the programme is to provide advanced training
in all major aspects of product design including modern concepts,
tools and methodologies, to a high level of competence. Students
who successfully complete this programme will be well placed to
meet industrial demand for professionals in new product development.

This programme provides excellent design and manufacturing
facilities: CAD (ProE CAE); CAM (Vericut, Machining Strategist);
rapid prototyping (stereolithography, fused deposition modelling);
reverse engineering (laser scanner and x-ray scanner). Teaching
is enhanced with the input from Royal Academy of Engineering
visiting professors and professional product designers on best
practice, industrial case studies and visits. Successful students
will have knowledge of innovative product development and design
techniques, advanced CAD/CAM and modelling, materials selection,
industrial design, rapid prototyping, total quality management and
marketing. Students will also gain substantial design experience
through a series of supervised individual and group design projects.
This programme has been submitted to the Institution of Mechanical
Engineers for accreditation.

Programme Structure
This 12-month programme consists of compulsory and optional
taught modules over two semesters and a major project starting
in semester 2 and continuing through the summer.

Project work contributes 60 credits, which will be based on a topic of
industrial or scientific relevance, and will be carried out in laboratories
in the University or at an approved placement in industry.
The project is examined by dissertation, and award of the MSc(Eng)
degree will require evidence of in-depth understanding, mastery
of research techniques, ability to analyze assembled data, and
assessment of outcomes.

Module Code Module Title Sem Level Credit value Exam:
(180 credits in total) Coursework

MATS518 Materials Processing and Selection-1 1 M 7.5 credits 80:20
MNFG602 Communication Skills with Multimedia 1 M 7.5 credits 0:100
MNFG604 Computer-Aided Design 1 M 7.5 credits 0:100
MNFG611 Product Design 1 M 7.5 credits 0:100
MNFG610 Rapid Prototyping 1 M 7.5 credits 80:20
MNFG614 Industrial Design 1 M 7.5 credits 0:100
MNGT511 Management of Product Development 1 3 7.5 credits 1 00:0

ENGG599 Research Skills and Project Planning 2 M 15 credits 0:100
MATS517 Materials processing and Selection II 2 M 7.5 credits 80:20
MNFG608 Product Modeling and Virtual Reality 2 M 15.0 credits 0:100
MNFG613 Design for Manufacture and Assembly 2 M 7.5 credits 0:100
MNGT613 Management of Design 2 M 7.5 credits 85:15

2nd semester options totaling 15 credits from:

EBUS620 Total Quality Management 2 M 7.5 credits 100:0
MNGT502 Project and Risk Management 2 2 7.5 credits 100:0
MNGT614 Enterprise Studies 2 M 7.5 credits 60:40

ENGG660 MSc project June to Aug M 60 credits