The University of Cincinnati is AWESOME

while I am not back yet (my flight was cancelled) and am sending this from my phone i just have to say how awesome this place is. Everyone is so nice and the entire campus is truly amazing. I can’t wait to (hopefully) come here next semester! -jonathan

What year are you in and what is your major?

Also, if you like UC now, wait till you do some coops. They will blow your mind with skills that you will develop that isn’t normally taught in school.

Sounds like he’s a high school senior waiting for admissions. Good luck, waiting for acceptance letters was always pretty stressful in high school.

yes- I’m a high school senior, however I was just at UC for the cincinnatus scholarship thing…I’ve been accepted to ID already- I was impressed by almost everything I saw in and out of DAAP…it exceeding my expectations by a lot.