the type of work pratt looks for in portfolios?

hey i’m a student at pratt, but i was wondering what kind of work is pratt looking for in portfolios or any schools with industrial design?

For Pratt i think they like to see a wide range of your interests. I included any work I liked that i had done: Paintings, life drawing, print work, photoshop, and sketch books. hope this helps

Yeah im wondering my self… Could someone maybe get some visuals in here of a starts portfolio… Because words don’t really help.

It’s honestly not that hard. If you can draw at all, they’ll most likely let you in. If you can draw in perspective, you’re way ahead of the game.

Yeah, pratt is seemingly relaxed when it comes to letting people in. If you can draw anything decently, you have a good chance of getting in.

There are A LOT of people here that couldn’t draw a stick figure much less manage to get perspective down.

Luck of the draw. (and financial standing. Ha!)

Like the mother that sent a check to pay for her daughter’s tuition. The bursar’s office being a dimwitted as they are enrolled the mother because her name was on the check. Did they see her portfolio? No. Did they see her money? YES.

Just a little FYI to help ya out there. :wink:

Edit: Before I get completely trash-talked by those adoring Pratt fans, no this story is not verified with the bursar’s/registration/whatever office (not that they’d admit it…or even have recollection of doing it). Just known by a good majority of students that manage to see the light of day every once in awhile when they get their head out of their butt or get off of their “cloud nine”.