the turnaround

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Hi i’m at k-state right now set to graduate december 2009 with graphic design, i want to do ID and have since high school, but i goofed and flopped and ended up taking classes at a community college and now k-state and i’m bummed.

here’s where i am going with this: i want to get out now, i’m confident in the sense that i have a strong portfolio for admisson to an ID program, however my GPA isn’t high enough to get into any state schools and i don’t i have the cash money to go to an art school where my GPA isn’t an issue.

anybody know of any good state schools for ID that show mercy with GPA’s and base admissions more on portfolio? or are private art schools a little more giving with scholarship money…maybe i could try that route?

Thanks all

Your interstate rival down the road in Lawrence has an ID program. I’m not sure how good it is, but school is what you make of it man.

Art Schools can be particularly picky when it comes to your GPA, so your best bet is probably a state school. If your work is good, you might be able to get in based on your portfolio. Otherwise, bring up your GPA with some core classes and transfer.

i’ve seen the opposite, it seems that most art schools do admissions based on portfolio and in addition an average 2.0 GPA (which i’ve got). State schools, however, look to be more concerned with GPA’s, especially with out of state transfer students…average being around 3.0…

In that case you’ve got it made! Get yourself a beautiful portfolio and apply to every school you can!