The Transparent Keyboard Battle of 2013, where are they now?

Some of you will recall the following thread, one which I refer back to from time to time for a few laughs:

So, I thought I’d check in on the main players to see what’s become of them and the transparent keyboard concept.

TransluSense seems to be doing less than optimal if their new website design is any indication:

As for jamesking, nobody really knows, he stopped posting on his blog a while back:

But it appears he, or maybe one of his colleagues has picked up the torch, though with the added benefit of germicidal properties, it might still suck to type on, but at least you can be 99% sure the keyboard is SARS free:

Ah, the circle of life.

The latest version is great! The UV light is like a long-term feedback mechanism! As you type more and more your finger tips get UV exposure that slowly burns your skin. You could change the refractive index of various letters so that more less light escapes thus allowing H to burn your finger more than J!

Alternatively you could also get more SARS from J than H so I guess that is feedback too.

Wait another 6 months, there will be a new award winning transparent keyboard on the Core blog that we can all complain about.