The thing that virbates object to generate sound..?

I came across this technology where you just need to attach the device onto a hard object with smooth surface, and it will vibrate the object to generate sound, like play music. So the entire object (eg. door, windor, table) becomes the speaker. Anyone knows where I can find out more info about this technology? Or what is it called? Thanks!

SoundBug’s official site

and a write-up on the bbc :
BBC News | SCI/TECH | Bug sets windows shaking.

Is this a student project or have a commercial application? If the latter, let me know as I have a contact in their licencing division.

i recall hearing about this. you’ve heard this work, Boo? opinion?

It’s for a student project. I first saw the device in a inventable catalog. It works great! However the quality of the sound is hard to control because you can be using any material of any object.

Thanx for the information!!! I shall be writing to them for advices soon.

Can’t offer any feedback on the actual soundbug I’m afraid as I have never had a chance to play with one … though I did once have a lollipop which played ‘baa, baa, black sheep’ - you could only hear the nursery rhyme when you bit down on it, very strange sensation.

At a company I used to work at we did make one (I say I, I mean the electronic engineers) and found it to have a quite reasonable sound quality. You would not want to plug it up to your hifi but if you wanted to share a few songs with friends from your personal music player of choice, I think you would find it pretty competent.

There is another product, flat ceramic speakers, based on the same principle / technology. I can’t find a link to it at the moment but I did find this page:


I also found a similar technology over the weekend. Tempered Glass wireless speakers. I have posted a thread looking for additional information on these as well. The soundbug is possibly a related technology, however it is far larger than the technology utilized on these speakers.