The Ten Faces of Innovation

can anyone please point me to any successful launcehd product by IDEO they have done recently?

I mean they have a great track record, but now 2005 (and even in the last years), is there any new really innovative outcome from IDEO on the market?

Please your feedback.

…self-promotional books don’t count?


hell yes…they dont count


so, any new innovative products out there?

(cynically) if IDEO does have a successful innovative new product on the market, I’m sure they’ll let us know about it!

steve don’t give me straight lines like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

A lot of the former “top” design consulting firms from the 90’s (Frog, IDEO, etc) have seen swimming upstream in the past few years-- doing a lot of product definition, research, and design strategy work that you won’t see on the market instantly-- or ever. (Not to mention IDEO has been doing a lot of medical work in recent years)

Better yet, can anyone name any breakthrough products created at a design firm?

(Breakthrough meaning new to the market.) Sure there are examples of manufacturers coming to design firms to develop their breakthrough idea, but how often do they come with no idea or problem to solve looking for a breakthrough?

Are firms like BASF–they don’t make the idea, they make the idea better?