The Techniques of Harald Belker Volume 4: Car Design and Pre

The Techniques of Harald Belker Volume 4: Car Design and Presentation

Has anyone seen this DVD? I’m thinking of buying it but I need some feedback before I spend over 69 bucks.


HB is not the most articulate about what he is doing as some of the other demo’er in the series, but I found his DVD’s really helpfull. I combined a lot of stuff from his and Scott Robertson’s DVD’s. Worth it.

which robertson dvd’s did you get?
I was thinking about ordering the perspective dvd. Did you see that one?

thankx for replying

I got the one that was on rendering an alien wildabeast or something ridiculous like that. The way he uses photoshop is so loose and intuitive, where as Belker is much tighter and controled in the DVD where he renders a car, the balance of the two is great.

I haven’t checked out any of the sketching ones yet. I’m sure they are good though.

Yo, That’s Neville Page not Scott Robertson

I have Scott’s Basic Perspective form drawing DVD. It is very helpful if you have never had really great perspective drawing instruction, or if you would like a refresher / learn another system. Scott is very good at explaining as he goes along and obviously has some teaching experience under his belt.

I would like to hear if anyone has seen this new HB DVD though, I’m interested as well. I have his first DVD and while it was helpful, I expected more explanation (something), as Yo said above, he’s just not very articulate about what he is doing.

my bad, I get Page and Robertson confused sometimes.

i just watched the dvd, and i’m not that impressed.

i have a few scott robertson dvd’s and harald belkers vol 2 photoshop rendering dvd.

in this one it’s 1hr 40mins of sketching and 30mins photoshop.

to much sketching i think. and with to many weird random comments.

So I finally got the dvds. Robertson dvd is really good but don’t expect do get that good in a short time. As he always says, practice, practise, practice!
Belkers dvd is good but he doesn’t explain much about perspectve drawing that’s why you have to get robertson. I wished he would have drawn more cars.
My advise is to get them both they really do help.My drawing classes in school weren’t that good and this was much better.

Get them yourself, they’re worth it!

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ok I got that

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i was thinking of getting the bike rendering dvdeez

I have this one. Worth the money. It also comes with a photoshop file, so you can actually follow along and examine his techniques. The photoshop techniques he shows you are fairly advanced. The video is 2 hours long, but the tut itself is actually took him about 5 hours. It speeds forward in some areas to accommodate the time. I also have the Ryan Church’s Vehicle Painting. Another exellent tutorial worth the money.