The Taco Box - my first ID class project!

I’ve posted a bit on the sketching thread, but I’ve recently been distracted by my first project in ID. I’ve attached my final process book below. It’s a very simple project, but I’m very happy with my results. Please let me know what you all think!

Process Book

Nice. I think you do a pretty good job of fulfilling the 4 objectives of packaging; protect, contain, distribute and market.

But I don’t like the separate end pieces. They can easily be integrated into your current design.

I also have a problem with the separate packing material. Again, that should be integrated into your cut and fold.

Thank you for your feedback! I very much agree with you on both the endpieces and the paper grass. If I’m being honest, I underestimated my timeline and got rushed at the end by my own procrastination, so both were a response to an immediate problem that I didn’t give myself time to address properly. In the case of the separate packing grass, it didn’t actually work to solve the problem; if the box was impacted from the upper corner, it fractured the spine of the shell. I added extra packaging material in a last-ditch effort to pad those areas, but next time I will consider that sooner, and possibly try to incorporate it more thoroughly into the larger design. The end caps was my solution to creating a box that could be opened completely flat without use of adhesive. I agree there were likely more concise ways of achieving that. In the future I know to start my development process much earlier!

Do you have any comments on the process book itself? Most of my InDesign experience comes from the design of a semesterly campus magazine, so I see that influence in the process book as well. I am not familiar with how process books for ID usually look, so any advice would be appreciated!

Thank you for the compliment about fulfilling the packaging objectives— I was not aware of those principles. Are there any good resources you know of to learn more about packaging design?

Sadie, I think you will maximize your opportunity to get feedback if you paste the images of the project directly into the forum, especially for users on mobile.

Nice Post for objectives of packaging .

I didn’t read a single word.

For patterns -

For benchmarking, although dated, I like the Graphis series. 4 & 5 have some interesting structural designs. 6-9 are more for graphic content.