the story of the....

invisible CADmonkey.

Once upon a time, there was a highly ambitious, hard-working industrial designer (by trade) who set out to prove himself and conquer the design world. After nearly 2 years of short-lived contract jobs, and even 1 year of painful career path derailment, he finally landed what he thought to be the golden opportunity. He thought to himself “Finally, all the hard work has paid off”, but little did he know it hadn’t. Anyway, the opportunity that the invisible CAD monkey thought to be golden would have been interpreted just as such had anyone else been in his shoes: A product design position in a major corporation that spoke wonders of its organization, and one which boasted about it’s “best places to work in nj” award.
However, as we all know, time tells all. With time, the invisible CADmonkey has found himself “living the dream”; the bad dream that is. The job that once seemed so glamorous and stimulating has become the dreadful, mindnumbing experience that nightmares are made of.
The invisible CADmonkey is just what the name implies: a CADmonkey who’s only contribution is editing product drawings. Nothing more rewarding that a day’s worth of moving lines and text around!! Oh yeah, and as far as the invisible part goes, that refers to the act of being intentionally and blatantly ignored and excluded from every and any activity which has anything to do with product development. The combination of editing some else’ stuff and being surroounded by a bunch of arrogant and self-centered marketing people and engineers makes for quite a pleasant experience.


I assume you mean BD? Seem to remember that was one of their claims to fame in a recent Coroflot job posting…

I think it’s time for some kind of Coroflot survey - list these job criteria in level of importance:

Direct Supervisor
Types of Products
Job Duties


I will never take another job which has a culture that will not foster creative collaboration and open communication. That said, everywhere I have ever worked reminds me of Office Space in some way or another…

Invisible CAD Monkey - I’ve been in your spot - what’s keeping you from looking for a new job? I was forced to take job as a CAD designer and then came home every night and worked on my portfolio and applied everywhere - I only had to be at the CAD place 3 months before I got a new offer, and had leverage to ask for more money because I had a job. I would also say maybe your attitude hinders you from getting more of a part in development - it’s easy to get pissed and have an attitude, but it won’t help you make friends or get you more responsibility.

it might be different in other parts of the world but in US when you apply for a cad job then the company expects you to do cad. i’m not saying it is the greatest strategy for a company but that’s the reality of it.

so my advice to those who find themselves in a situation where they think they should take the cad job and later turn it into a design job is that the chances of it happening is absolute zero and if by any miraclous event that happens it won’t be such a great deal because if they had any brains they would start you as a designer right from the start. in today’s design environment you don’t need to prove your capabilities if you pass the interview. worse that can happen is they fire you for bad design performance.

don’t think hollywood even in california.