The Standard Taxi

I really don’t know where to start:

the Standard Taxi meets a major industry need for a cost-efficient taxi that addresses all of the concerns of taxicab owners, operators, drivers and the riding public.

Designed … by seasoned engineers

No kidding.

Apart from the abject hideousness of it, it’s got some interesting features.

That’s the disappointment Scott. I like the passenger compartment, it seems really roomy. Plus, the ease of access both for handicap and non-handicap users is a huge leap from today’s cabs. However, I get over how it looks like we lost the cold war.

When I take a cab, I want to take a cab, not a bus that costs as much as a cab.

well atleast now the aztec looks better.

This one was shown at about the same time.

It’s nice to see the difference.

Most of the time, I’m proud to be American, but this is one of those times when I feel like saying, “I’m Swiss”.

I really hope that the Finnish taxi is going to compete against the Standard Taxi in the marketplace. If so, it will force the Standard guys to hire an IDer or two.

My last question is, should a Taxi looks so toy like?

I see the proportions are inspired in the London cab… even if the result is a kind of caricature. But in my view, the small engine bay, low waist line and big “forehead” are consequences of choices in the architecture of the car, not the styling… The architecture of this concept makes it look like a puppy.

But the truth is there: it looks a bit like a toy. :slight_smile:
Maybe later they can chance the graphics, but I guess not: they are in their way to a pre-series production. 200 cars, I think.