The simple joy of seeing one of your products made.

i know someone who was approached by the discovery channel or tlc to do a reality show about him and his consultantcy. i suspect it didn’t go anywhere. it would have been interesting because this person was pretty humble, but very good.

around 2001 or so Discovery or one of those channels was looking at different
ID programs to have a show where studios in 2 schools got the same
design brief and “battled it out” for lack of a better term. We heard they picked an East and West Coast school (Washington State ?) for the pilot, but heard no more after that.

Yeah, those ideas float around in tv programming think tanks all the time.
I was approached to be part of something they called “project product”.

but our fav Frenchman Starck will head the “Phillipe Starcks School of Design” show on the BBC. Should be interesting.
I like the reality stuff that came out of the UK lately. All the Channel 4 things with Jamie Oliver are pretty cool.

but I guess, this is a little off-topic.

Funny you should say that, I’ve actually been working for the last 6 months with a production company on pitching this concept to several major networks.

Good luck, hope you make it. What format you proposing a version of the apprentice, cooking show or survivor?

i propose a mma cage-match format.

UPDATE: The Gamestop meeting went well. All systems are go. Firing up the first production prototypes. One step closer to total world domination. :smiling_imp:

A couple years ago a company was looking for ID guys on the W. Coast to host a mythbusters-like design show… the premise was to identify problems and come up with innovative products to solve them, hopefully in an entertaining way. Not exactly aesthetics-centric but it sounded interesting. I think it was to be called “surviving tomorrow”. The funny part is that I think they wanted the products to be action sportish or other kind of product that could make for a dramatic crashes / mayhem if the design wasn’t totally “cooked” … all to be captured by the camera

Good luck on the show concept, hope it works out