The simple joy of seeing one of your products made.

Ah. Just got back from test-paddling one of the kayaks I slaved over last fall. It’s just sooooo neat to see the fruits of all that labor. Even better to see that the final result was very close to the original sketches and renderings. Better yet, it looks even better in real life!

Cool. Thought I’d share.

So what’s the neatest product you’ve seen on store shelves? Before this boat, mine was a $3 ice-scraper. ha ha

First project on my first co-op:

Sadly, the co-op ended before it was finalized. It didn’t turn out exactly as I designed, but my work is definitely there.

My first product at my current job is already copied by another brand before it’s even on the shelf. The reason why I am sure it’s not original is because the other half of the product looks just like another competitor’s design. Damn Chinese factories.

I love seeing my stuff on the shelves. I have possibly the coolest thing I ever designed all prototyped up. I wish I could post it but then I’d have to kill all of you. If all goes well at the Gamestop and Toys R Us meetings you’ll see it before Christmas!

2 bigger thrills, seeing your product being used by sombody you dont know whom you know bought it retail. A even bigger thrill, that first royalty check.

i’ve been in furniture most of my career.

it’s still really freakin’ cool to see something i designed turn up as part of a photoshoot, hip environment shot, or just seeing it in someone’s home. i never point out i designed something to a consumer, i just enjoy the inner glow privately.

other than that, the first mass-produced collection i designed at a firm saved a manufacturing company from going under. it was a small american company, and i wasn’t crazy about the design, but i felt proud to be able to help out the family and workers of that company and had a hand in keeping them employed.

i’m always shocked at the PLC of some of my stuff (longevity).

I know what you mean. I was sitting at a out door cafe by a bike/pedestrian path and I was shocked and very happy to see a woman towing her kiddlet in a alfa trailer I designed (over at my blog This was really amazing because it had been out of production for 12 years and still looked great. I got up and sprinted (as much as my 50+year old frame would allow) and caught up to her. I asked where she got it, she said “oh my dad gave it to me, he used to tow me around in it when i was a kid”. I thanked her and walked back, had a real inner glow, put my cynical side at bay for a whole day.

I designed some kitchen utensils 4-5 years ago and 6 months after the launch I was shown the sales figures - every 45 seconds someone in the UK was buying the potato peeler I designed. That felt good. It was a bit bitter sweet though, because other products in the range were not selling nearly as well.

My floorlamp was recently used in a Jonas Brothers pop tart commercial as part of their bedroom decor. (made me feel like a 14 year old girl)

cdaisy: I dig that floor lamp!

Congrats man. It is a great feeling, and you never get over it. The first time I saw one of my designs in the field, I was just bringing my car in to get an oil change, and the mechanic was wearing a watch I worked on. It was pretty cool.

Good for you!!! I don’t know much about Kayak’s, I’ve always wanted to try one however. Your design is a pretty snazzy looking one. I like the sharp lines, it looks fast. On second thought… maybe not the one for me… my doggie paddle resembles a drowning victim! :blush:

I can understand your satisfaction. I might not slave over a design, but creating a product as true to form does have a fire drill or 2 to keep a person on their toes! Often what is brilliant in concept needs a bit of tweaking to make the leap into reality :wink:

It’s really, really, really neat to see something you had a hand in creating out there!!! Makes my day & brings on the perma grin!!! :smiley:

Have to ask → Is this now your fav mechanic because he/she has great taste? :wink:

LOL, I don’t live there anymore.

Thanks! I did an oval version in green too. They have a 3-way switch like the mid century modern lamps.

Its a good feeling to see pro baseball players wearing shoes that I designed.

My partner does color, material specs, and custom graphics for all of our pro shoes and its always fun to see the crazy variations that he comes up with. Especially for the All Star game. We could never get away with chromed soleplates on in-line product!

Here are the All Star cleats form last year:

Seeing your idea come to life and go out into the big wide world is certainly a big reason why we enjoy design.

I’m a proud father/uncle/cousin of many product-babies, and I cannot help looking at a ‘new-born’ without reflecting on the back-story of its conception. There’s always a tale to tell, of that Marketer that said it would never fly, about the breakthrough material we found at the last minute, or about the product name that started off as a coarse joke…

This memory and personal association makes that new-born-product moment even more special, and it’s unique every time.

…My Hallmark moment.

You know the “How it’s made” show on Discovery? Some should pitch “Why it’s made (the way it appears)” to them :slight_smile:

UPDATE: The Toys R Us meeting went very well. Keeping my fingers crossed for Gamestop this Friday. So far every buyer who has seen “it” has expressed interest. The concept is painfully simple, but way cool and fun. I’ll post “it” once “it” becomes declassified. :slight_smile:

I agree with engio. More ID shows would be cool. There is “Designer People” on Ovation, if you get that channel. I’m suprised there aren’t any Top Chef or Project Runway style shows with an ID focus.

There was “Made in the USA” (on USA a few years ago), which starred none other than Karim in all his pink glory. It was more of an inventor show, but it had some ID to it as well. Im sure the show didnt go so well, which explains why no one will pick up a strictly ID show