“The selected forum does not exist” and attachment issues

Hi, whenever I’m not logged in, go to “reply” in a topic, then put my user and pass but immediately sends me to a “the selected forum does not exist” page. I have to go all over the board index to re enter the topic. Anyone experiencing this? I’m using safari browser on a iPhone 6, IOS 12.
Also when I try to upload attachments it shows me no photos in the library.
I wish I could show some screenshots but it’s impossible to upload anything.

Don’t know what happened but the attachment seems like working now. I deleted some files on my phone and now it shows me the albums, might be a storage problem?

I’m not sure about the attachment issue. I’ve never had a problem with it. The only thing I can think of is you might not have had enough memory on your phone for it to process the attachments.

RE login issue. I think this is because C77 migrated to one login across the blog and the forums. A lot of older users had issues in that transition if they had two logins and they competed with one another (mine had to be manually merged on the admin side)