The Secret to Better Back Health and Productivity

Hey guys, relatively new to the forum but have enjoyed for past several weeks and finally worked up the courage to share my story/invention.
As an entrepreneur I spent hours upon hours on my laptop working(or at least I thought it was productive at the time). I busted my butt to build a business, to build something successful – all in and always on.
But throughout this whole time my back bothered me…and I mean constantly. No matter what I did, what I tried, it did not matter. I focused on posture, tried exercises…nothing seemed to work.
And it sucked but whatever, that is life right? Until one day a girl at my coworking space in Chiang Mai, Thailand introduced me to standing desk…from that point on I have been hooked.
It helped my back, helped my posture, made my legs stronger and clearly boosted productivity - I loved it. It was hard to find standing desks though, especially on the go and I wanted to see the world, like I am sure many of you do as well.
Well for the past several months I have been working on Shido Stand, the world’s first and most portable laptop case/stand desk hybrid.
I’ve moved to China, made massive engineering changes and am finally getting ready to launch my Mac designed case stand to the world and would love your feedback. The prototype is still undergoing small design tweaks to make it as sexy as possible and emulate the ultimately perfect Mac aesthetics but on the concept itself, a mobile standing desk for coffeeshops, coworking spaces and even at the office…what do you think?
I have poured myself into Shido Stand and would love to hear what you think about my product :slight_smile:

Shido Stand - World’s 1st Laptop Case & Stand Desk in One and my personal passion :slight_smile: