The Rollie "As Can't Be Unseen on TV!"

So I tried out The Rollie Eggmaster,

…I attached a picture of the results.

NPR did a pretty funny review.

no, no, no, no

It was disturbing to say the least. I haven’t been able to eat eggs since.

This is a blow for our industry as the marketing guys wanted the eggs to stay in the cooker, but the ID guys pushed to have the egg-ejection system.

We purchased one for our studio. The enjoyment factor was in the watching, not the tasting.
It looks like your attempt in the photo is missing the crucial component for portability - the stick.

BTW, we named our studio’s Bike to Work Month team after it - go Rollies!

We tried the stick.

That is absolutely repulsive. Kind of reminds me of this…

Yup, that’s what we experienced too. Yummy.

Thank you. Now I know who the eff buys this ess.