The role of hand sketching in our digital age?

Dear All,

Sorry for the shameless self promotion, but thought some of you might be interested in this article which asks the question: Does design sketching and hand modelling have a role to play in this digital age?



Sketchbooks rule!!

Hi James. I actually just read your article yesterday. That’s so cool that you got to go to SWBK.

I love love love sketch models. It’s a necessary part of my process. It’s not just for me though. It’s a terrific way to communicate within a multidisciplinary team.

2D is where it begins, but it only goes so far in a discussion. An idea becomes very powerful once somebody can touch it, even if it is just paper and tape.

It also saves a lot if time and money. No modeling digital nonsense. Better direction before moving to rapid prototypes. So many products in this world would be better if 15 minutes were taken make a paper model.

Let me know if Core77 wants to send somebody out there again!