The role of flash in ID?

This is strange. That flash is a desired program in ID is completely new to me.
I could imagine that maybe employers like the idea of you whipping up some presentation in flash but then, why is not After Effects as popular as I have used that quite a few times for clients?

I am pretty sure other skills are much more desired and more important than your knowledge in Flash. So I wouldn’t sweat it.

Flash is a very useful tool if the job involves any kind of interaction design. Flash lets you very quickly prototype and iterate on user interfaces which is valuable if you work on any products that are going to have any kind of display.

Some may just it just for presentations but I still think powerpoint rules the corporate world.

I’ve used Flash for some presentations where I really wanted to blow people away rather than using PowerPoint. And for mapping out user-interfaces for consumer electronics, it’s excellent. But I’ve never really heard of it being requested by an employer. I always figured it was just an arrow in my quiver!

I learned Flash on my own about 10 years ago because I wanted to use it to make my personal website. Still using Flash for that reason but am looking to have it reprogrammed in strict HTML so that it’s viewable on Ipad.

agreed, I use Flash when I need to prototype a UI concept.