The real scoop on SCAD??

I have been to SCAD on two visits… have been to Pratt, Parsons, Mass Art… as far as facilities go there is NO comparison to SCAD, My first visit was last March and again this past weekend… in that time more buildings have been re-done. The ID building is unreal, library, dorms etc… no comparison to any I have seen… The school appears to be on the forefront?? Yet… every time I read something here it gets bad ratings… With what they have availalbe and the drive to be good… what will the accreditation mean for me 5 years from now???

are you looking at it for undergrad or grad? I ask because I think that accreditation would be a bigger deal to me for undergrad, but for grad I could care less.

The biggest complaint I’ve heard about SCAD is the low admissions standards. So if you go there, you’ll be surrounded by people who may or may not be at your level, and so your teachers may not push you as hard as if the whole class was good.

My decision when I examined these things was that I’ll apply and use it as one of my ‘safety’ type schools since their admissions are so relaxed, but I won’t be terribly disappointed if that’s where I end up going. If you are a self-motivated person, then there shouldn’t be a problem. As you mentioned, there are certainly plenty of resources there for an industrious student to make use of.

I just graduated from SCAD with a BFA in Industrial Design this past summer. As far as the facilities, education, and department go… its top notch, second-to-none. The ID department is SCAD’s baby, bringing many corporate sponsored projects, which lead to SCAD publicity. If you choose SCAD you will likely have at least 5-6 serious (read: billion dollar companies) sponsoring your projects. Other departments will complain about how they don’t receive enough funds because ID does… rightfully so. I simply could not find a better school with a better ID program, so I chose SCAD- and I still pick up school magazines where I can’t even understand if and why they have an ID program (take a look at RISD’s current magazine’s ID section- OUCH!).

SCAD is now the largest art school in the country (maybe the world?- but I doubt that), and it’s because they accept almost anyone. We have an inside joke that goes ‘if you have a checkbook and a pulse, SCAD will accept you’. This is largely true for many students, they will accept anyone, and I apologize to all my painting friends, but many of the students who go on mom and dad’s money because they are looking for an ‘easy way out through their (talentless) creative side’ go to the fine arts, and usually produce less-than-great artwork. They do not succeed as fine artists in the ‘real world’, nor at school. I’ve seen students in the SCAD ID department like this, and they are weeded out immediately, and then transfer to other majors. In fact, Jon Kolko, professor of ID and Interaction Design at SCAD taught my Intro to ID class, and told us the first class that if we’re not meant to be in ID, you will fail, simple as that. I watched through my 4 years, several students drop out, fail out, or switch majors because the ID program is so intense. If you are not self motivated and not prepared for 50 hours (outside the classroom) ID work at week at the very least, SCAD ID is the wrong choice.

If you choose SCAD ID, be prepared for a intensive learning environment with very talented professors that will push you to become better and bright motivated students surrounding you, top notch facilities and equipment (at least $1 million worth of machines in the ID department… thats probably an understatement), and dorm life that resembles an exotic vacation. Savannah is probably one of the top 3 most beautiful cities in the USA, and high ranking in the world.


My limited SCAD experience doesn’t match your discription. We had 2 graduates come to our office (one was almost a year out). Their work was, well pretty bad. They shoulda been weeded out for sure, Hell they woulda been weeded out of Ai!

Sounds like the facilities are Kick ASS though, Good luck with the hunt!


Unfortunately, some ID students still do make it through the cirriculum. Senior projects range from a simple re-styling of a product, to a finished and complete project covereing every facet of design, and due to connections and/or politics… some of the less-driven and less-talented students receive job offers.

Just out of curiosity- where these MFA or BFA students? All within the ID program? And what type of position was this for; design; cad monkey, etc? Just trying to evaluate my next moves or possible weaknesses.

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I’m pretty sure they were both BFA.

They weren’t applying for a position, they were in our area and set up a meeting, I give them props for that.

Unfortunately their work was mis-guided and un-inspired. They had some Talent, just not a very good idea of what was going on considering they had graduated…

Interesting… what line of design ork are you in right now copyboy? If your business is interested in seeing a better examples of SCAD work, let me know. I would provide a link right now, but my new portfolio website should be up in just a few hours.

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I work for a consultancy in FL which is also the in house design studio for a Taiwanese OEM Fitness equipment Manufacturer.

I’m pumped to see you site! I know my SCAD experience is by no means the end-all be-all, post a link when it’s ready!


well my site still isn’t up yet- as soon as I receive confirmation I’ll send out a link in this thread… in the meantime you can take a look at my coroflot portfolio at Taylor Welden / Industrial Designer, Industrial Designer / Product Developer / Factory Liaison in Austin, TX
coroflot is pretty generic, so I’m really looking forward to my own custom site (that happens to be on all my business cards, letterheads, etc!)

I took some time to check out your coroflot portfolio… impressive. I especially appreciate the male soap dispenser project. We both even have a three-wheeled vehicle project on our portfolio. Do you have anything that your firm has recently worked on?

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Just checked out your corefolio a bit, I’ll post more on the thread later. I created my corefolio in 2004 before all the cool new stuff and when we were only allowed 5 images :confused:

I want to update it soon, but have been too busy and too lazy. My plan is to update my entire portfolio in the coming months for kicks, so I’ll have professional work up eventually.

It’s interesting that you liked the Handsoap packaging, that project and the Speaker project were both very short assignments during SW classes at Ai (1-2 weeks) I ended up using them as filler projects in my portfolio becuase I was spread thin having found a Job before graduation…

I’ve visited SCAD a few times while vacationing in Hilton Head. It sounds like your review is purely based on the facilities. Don’t be fooled, go to a school for the curriculum, quality of work, and alumni/placement.

Last time I visited was probably over 5 years ago and thier ID program was among the worst I’d seen, but their furniture design dept was great, and they had a cutting edge computer animation dept. I know they’ve got new ID leadership there now and have been working hard to make a name for themselves.

Post more SCAD folio’s and let’s take a look!

I just went to a portfolio day and check out university of the arts in pennsylvania…they seemed to like my stuff alot…I dont know much about them…anyone have any info ?

I just went to a portfolio day and check out university of the arts in pennsylvania…they seemed to like my stuff alot…I dont know much about them…anyone have any info ?

SCAD is not an accredited institution. I can affirm the fact that graduate schools such as IIT would not accept a SCAD graduate for the Masters program. their degree is not accredited. as of those entering fall 2005

Isn’t a bachelor degree a bachelor degree?
I thought the whole accredidation scam stopped once you graduated?

master’s program being separate?

PostPosted: Mon Nov 06, 2006 7:27 pm Post subject:
SCAD is not an accredited institution. I can affirm the fact that graduate schools such as IIT would not accept a SCAD graduate for the Masters program. their degree is not accredited. as of those entering fall 2005

SCAD is accredited by SACS, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (; this is the same accreditation system that acknowledges Clemson, Duke, Emory, Wesleyan, and more.
SCAD did look into NASAD accreditation. NASAD allows public universities to get accreditation for just one school/department within the University. For private schools they require the entire school to get NASAD accreditation. There were other schools within SCAD that did not want to do this so the Industrial Design Department was unable.

That’s weird; Chelsea Holzworth, one of my alumni, is enjoying her second year at IIT in grad school; she just completed an internship at HP and is quite succesful.

Perhaps you should check your facts before you post nonsense.

And, as always, the degree is fully accredited.


Jon Kolko
Professor, Industrial and Interaction Design
Savannah College of Art and Design

That is the issue with NASAD. It is also the reason IDSA is changing how is sets up student IDSA chapters.

OHH… BURN! :laughing:

schooled by the professor… can’t say I haven’t been there. These accreditation things are so sticky and confusing.

JKolko: can you give us some further inside information on this so we can refer back to this? What is the difference between these regional accrediting bodies, and the national, but art school only NASAD? How recent was the SACS accreditation? And can you reiterate the newer IDSA policy and accreditation of the program?

Infini: can you double check on that girls ITT situation and see if they made allowance to their policy, or if it is open to regionally accredited diplomas. I would assume it is open to those regionally accredited undergrad degrees, as was stated earlier, SACS accredits a lot of schools.

Let me know if I have gotten any of this terminology incorrect, it is a confusing subject. It would be great to shed some light on things. I’ll shoot a few emails to SACS, NASAD and IDSA and see if we can get their official shpeal.