The real end of an era

After 17 years, the Ford F-150 is no longer the top selling vehicle in the US. In fact, it’s fallen all the way to fifth! Here’s the new line-up:

Honda Civic (53,300 units), Toyota’s new Corolla (52,800 units), Toyota Camry (51,300 units), Honda Accord (43,700 units) and F-150 (43,000 units).

Luckily the redesigned Focus sold 32,000 units despite being a decade old chassis. Not bad…

Just saw that on autoblog…Mini sales were up by like 50% and Hummer is down by 60% (I’d imagine anyone still buying a Hummer is probably a professional athlete or rapper at this point).

Sounds like the shift to small cars is in full swing, imagine what the numbers will look like by next year?