The real China Design Problem

so there is a winner for the iF China Design Competition. Big Deal—how about they get someone to design China a way out of their serious pollution problem?

I cant beleive that one of the oldest, most prosperous cultures on earth has put their country on the brink of disaster in a mere decade. blame it on western influence? wal-mart?

any thoughts!?

every thing you do contributes to china’s pollution problem. walmart is not the problem only the most popular scapegoat. fact is we love crap, we love to buy crap, we love to make crap, we love to figure how to get people to want more crap and specifically want the crap we make and design for our companies or clients be it walmart or not.
really china is not so different from turn of the last century industrial america. little industry towns founded on one company. pollution. rapid growth. poor safety conditions.
china will figure it all out soon enough and then some other country will go through a decade of killing itself and walmart and dell and hp and nike and target and everyother distributor under the sun will go there too.

why, so we can have stuff.

walmart is not the issue.
china is the future.
learn mandrin my friend…it will raise your value in the work place