The R word

So I’ve been made redundant. Tough economic times and all that jazz.

Anyway. I have a decent portfolio of sketches, technical illustration and pretty complex 3D work but it’s nearly all of work I’ve done at my soon to be ex-employer, so not sure if I should be pasting it all over the internet.

Just want to know what people have done in the situation of a redundancy? I’m getting a payout I could live on for 3 months but would rather get some cash coming in soon so I can spend it on trinkets like outlier pants and some cool shop tools.

I’ve applied for one advertised job so far, but it’s more in the drafting area than actual design. As designers are oversupplied and not in huge demand in my city I’m weighing up my options. Moving city would be huge because of commitments, so it’s either take what I can get design or non-design or try freelance online or something.

Sorry to hear about the redundancy.
The good news however it that you seem to have your portfolio in order, which means that you don’t have the stress and effort of having to compile that (possibly at short notice for interviews). I was made redundant about 18 months or so ago, and like you wasn’t too keen to start posting images of work I had done for my recent employer all over the web. I chose to send a small sample pdf of about 10 pages with applications tailored to different positions (I basically had three different versions and chose which one best suited the job I was applying for). That meant I was able to show recent work to a chosen audience rather than having to broadcast it publicly.
Register with all the agencies that you can think of (sorry I have no idea about Australia so can’t recomend any), good luck with the job search, and be prepared to be inundated with phone calls from employment agents about a week after you start your next job.

I like the idea of 3 different versions of the portfolio.

What were the 3 versions tailored towards? I’m thinking one portfolio of pretty arty stuff, one of product design and one of more technical engineering type projects.

I’ve done everything from functional products to tooling to arty R&D projects. The arty stuff was while at uni though.

My degree is in product design but I’d spent five years designing staion and airport interiors so I aimed the versions at:
Interior design - photographs, illustrator, concepts
Product design - work that could be seen as a stand alone product rather than a custom interior
Engineering - technical drawings, layouts
The main backbone of the portfolios was the same with a few pages chopped and changed. I was just trying to show perspective employers that even if my experience wasn’t directly linked to what they do I did have relevent experience and skills

I have just been offered a full time position as a furniture designer for a commercial furniture company. They were’t advertising, but I expressed my interest, took in my portfolio and they liked what they saw. Start on Monday and work until christmas in the joinery and machine shop and then after Christmas into a newly created design role.

The awesome thing is, they weren’t advertising. They didn’t even know they needed an industrial designer but I convinced them otherwise. Epic win. Also, this is the exact industry I want to be in. They design, manufacture and install furniture for hotels, restaurants, universities, trade schools and government departments. They even refurbished the inside of my favorite indian tandoori restaurant after it was gutted by a kitchen fire last year.

So redundancy taken, 2 1/2 weeks to sort out my workshop and garden and then back to work. Hell yeah.

Congrats! So many people think that because a company doesn’t advertise, they don’t need more help. Most of the time, they do or, as in your case, they don’t realize they do. Nice work! I hope you enjoy the new job.

You get your garden AND your workshop sorted in 2 weeks time?! I’d hire you on the spot, as well… :wink:


Thanks guys. It’s a great feeling knowing you’re on the right path in your career. It’s taken me nearly 3 years since graduating to get a job that I am really excited about. I must have applied for about 20 in the last 6 months though. Perseverance and using the lateral thinking we are taught in design school seems to have paid off.

Now to design some cool furniture.

Oh yeah, my workshop still has a good few weeks before it is “sorted” but I’ll get there. :laughing:

Congratulations. In the Hills?

Congrats on your salesmanship - a far more valuable asset than most think!!

No. Not in the hills Jaime. It’s 20 mins from home (Crafers) though.

I have to stay a bit aloof about the company because I’m going in undercover in the manufacturing areas before moving to design in January. Just a bit of company politics to be worked out.

It should be fine, but they are too busy at the moment to work out the exact details and inform the relevant departments. I have a contract saying that I am definitely going into a design role with a set date in mid January, so it’s all official. Also my girlfriend is an honours law graduate and she said it ll looks safe.

Congratulations on the job. Garden, workshop and job - living the dream.