The Proper Definition of a Mini-Portfolio

It seems as though the line has blurred between what makes a mini-portfolio “mini” these days.

It either seems to be a “fold-out business card” or a 20-odd page portfolio (which I would assume is A portfolio, not a “mini” portfolio).

Does anybody have a proper definition for one or is just a matter of what an employer may specifically ask for as far
as upload size or “5 images of work?”.


When I go to interviews my printed portfolio is 4/5 projects with about 4 pages on each - Total 20-25 well filled pages to run through in an interview.

My sample portfolio is essentially a trimmed down version of the above. Basically I leave the descriptive text, and trim down the process shots so I give a good overview of my capabilities. Max 2. pages per project, giving a max of 10 pages for the PDF booklet I email over.


Thanks, that is what I have currently, and have also found success with the “moneyshot postcard” to send with
a resume for initial contacts.

Good luck with interviews…