The Portfolio Case Recommendations Thread

I’m looking for recommendations on where to purchase nicely designed, unostentatious portfolio cases / boxes to bring along for interviews.

I need a case that’s large enough to hold 15"x20" sized works. I’m willing to spend around $200-300.

Don’t know if it’s just me but does anyone else have trouble finding portfolio cases online? I found the Pina Zangaro Camden Cases but that’s the only result I get other than the typical black portfolio cases. I’m considering purchasing that case but I want to look at different options before I take the plunge.

My plan to have one main portfolio and two cheaper back-up portfolios.


you’re looking for a hard case to hold your existing portfolios, right? i can’t be of any help there. i didn’t even know those existed until i google searched for ‘Pina Zangaro Camden Cases’.

but if i’m wrong and you’re looking for portfolios,veer has a very limited selection of nice ones.

Right, a hard case to carry my works to an interview. Although, I’m willing to look at portfolios made out of softer materials.

I’ve been to the Veer site. I’m not looking for the binder style of portfolios where you slip your work in a sleeve. My works will be on black foamcore boards. Sorry, I should have been more specific.

Thanks for your help though.

Like you, I have my portfolio boards seperate, not in a sleeved binder. I mount mine of photo black cardboard, about 10" x 17" and put them in my black ZeroHalliburton aluminum case. I can get about 32 boards in a 3.7" deep case. Hey it makes a statement. Case is currently about $480, but can go a slow as $300 for other colors.

Very protective of that oh so valuable portfolio. black boards out of a black case looks very professional too!