the perfect OJ glass

I could use a little brainstorming help from everyone.

If you were to design the perfect glass for drinking OJ… what kind of things would you take into account? what kind of features would it have? materials? size? etc etc.

thanks for the help!

Gravity fed with an optional enema attachment.

No, wait, that’s my coffee mug…

Is there something different about drinking OJ compared to other kinds of juice, I dont know about? Why so specific?

The only thing I cant think of off the top of my head is how much a pain in the ass it is to get off dried OJ pulp if you forget to rinse your glass. How about teflon coating?

or a measurement marker to make the perfect Vodka/OJ or Champagne/OJ combo?

Yeah, removing the 2 day old dried pulp is a good problem to work on. I find puring more juice in and using the cup again works to re-soften the pulp and fibers.

I’d want a pulp filter, can’t stand the stuff.

glass, something about seeing the orange juice is nice. maybe etch some markings for making a screwdriver or mimosa?

Make it a all self contained. Put the juicer in the bottom most part, then a cooling ice trap that cools the juice without watering it down and then into the ol’ mouth. Its kind of Rube Goldberg, but I think the entertainment factor in the morning could be better than coffee.

and make it check your email, with bluetooth to sync to my phone, widescreen and have a 35 hour battery life.

…oh, what?

…this isnt the iphone wish list thread?

a glass that you could drink in bed without spilling it all over your face… hmmm… nevermind the choaking hazard… I’d stilll use it.

I don’t see a problem with traditional glasses that woudl require a ‘special oj cup’…just something else to sit in a landfill.

what about a filter for the pulp?..sorry if somebody already said this. :frowning: