The perfect mistake

I can’t get over this. Jim Joyce blows a call in the 9th inning with 2 outs to blow Armando Galarraga’s perfect game.

This would have been the third perfect game in a month, but the first one in Detroit’s history. Just another kick to Detroit.

Joyce admitted the bad call and apologized to Galarraga which was a classy move but it doesn’t change what happened.

The MLB needs to accept it’s the 21st century and we can have instant replay for calls like this.

Couldn’t they at least have called an ump meeting? Is that against the rules? I’m sure the 2nd base ump saw that he was out by 10 feet.

I don’t know if I want to see replay in these situations, or challenges like in the NFL. For baseball it just seems to take away too much of the game.

I like how the NFL allows 2(or 3?) challenges for instant replay. Managers already go out and argue and its slows the game down. Mine as well throw a flag and have them take a look at the replay and get it right. Strikes and balls should always be out of the question for replay. This would have been an easy call to reverse, and the game would have ended.

The NBA is pretty good at ref meetings and usually gets it right.

I find it silly that there are no replays in baseball. I do understand that this can get out of hand (using it to call balls/strikes), but I think in reasons as big as this call it is justified. This missed call took a little piece of history.

Look at what happened in the Philly/Chicago hockey game last night. The refs did not see the puck in the net, and play continued. They reviewed the play and deemed it a goal, added the time back on the clock, and continued. If the play was never reviewed, Chicago would have (most likely) won that game putting them up 3-0. Philly is right back in it due to the review of the play.

Good point. I’d be for that.

Baseball already takes way too darn long. IR is the last thing they need!

Then make it 8 innings and 3 challenges with IR! haha :smiley:

I think I read that they only will do a review if the dispute involves home plate.

I thought the Tigers had a kickass new stadium…until I went to Target Field last Friday, wow!

They do have instant replays to review home runs. It’s very obtrusive to the game. The entire umpire crew gets together and runs into the club house to review it. A better system is definitely in order. Especially with this - statistics & quantitative measures of personal achievement in baseball are the sacred threads that bind the game together.

Interesting that this was nearly the third perfect game this season. Pretty spectacular anomaly.

:laughing: Tim Donaghy agrees :laughing:

The NHL has the best replay I think. All replays are done by the same group of people in Toronto. They have every game on and can see all the replays very quickly and then they just phone it into the refs. This makes the replays pretty fast (on average about a minute) and consistent since its the same people for every replay. I would rather the game be a little longer and be right than shorter and wrong.

Beautiful stadium.

Yeah, especially from the commissioner’s suite :wink:

Niiiice. My office bid on a lot of that project, but sadly we didn’t get any of it. Oh, well.

I have only driven by it and seen it on TV but it looks great. Commerica in Detroit is nice because it still has that old baseball feel with modern amenities although I miss Tiger Stadium. PNC in Pittsburgh must have the best view though.