The Perfect Hanger Design

We’re looking for the perfect hanger for a new retail space.

We found the perfect prototype, by Alfredo Haberli, (Sep/Oct issue of Azure) but it’s not yet available. Everything else out there is ugly or boring. We want something innovative but useful.

Any leads, links or ideas of where to look would be appreciated.


not sure what exactly you are looking for but i really love this design/ sculpture.

IT would really change how hangers are seen!



I gotta ask again.

Well, it may not be “perfect”, but it is “ultimate”…

Very cool… looks like something a Klingon would use to hang up their prisoners.

I think a fairly thorough search through Core archives would have shown the following links…

And my favourite of all time:
Triangle from


Wow i guess I should preview my post osrry guys…

here is the link

Might not be comercially available ???