The Perfect country for a designer......?

**Dear all …**which country is the best and (number 1 country) for a designer to create and work and live ??? :exclamation:


new york

not a country, but you got me, right?

SF rules

I never knew that NY and SF have gone independent. If you say NYC, I’d believe that it’s nothing like the rest of the country.

why iceland?

Seems like an impossible question.

While I love design - so many other “non design” factors rank in where I (and I would guess most people) choose to live that it’s not really a fair question. I know I could make more money and perhaps have more exciting clients if I moved to SF or NY - but I would also have to commute, live in a small apartment, move away from my family etc…

While there are lots of great designers living in SF and NY I would say that relative to many European cities (and countries to answer the original question) the general popoulation isn’t that aware or knowledgable about design.

But. To play along…
If we break it down to cities… I spent this past summer visiting Barcelona and was blown away. That place is awesome. Design, Art, Architecture everywhere.

Not much going on there. You can be really creative. It’s just absolutely beautiful. No better place than Reykjavík. Unless you enjoy mainstream stuff… New York or SF rules… I am happy it works for many people in the industry and there is nothing wrong with it.

#1 should be your favorite spot on this rock called earth. Pick the spot. Move, live design and prosper. If you want approval for yourself by working for some consultancy, great, do it, it’s actually easier than on your own.

Another tip, don’t worship design because one day you might lose it and then you’ll feel you have nothing. Let design be part of you but don’t chase after it.

Reykjavik is unlike anything you’ve ever seen and the rest of Iceland.

stupidest question. stupidest responses FOR answering such a stupid question.

which country is the best for food??

this is slightly less intellectual than discussing which M&M color is the best.

unless you’ve lived a experience filled 60+ years of design and life, do not give such advice. are you yoda?

please elaborate on your life experiences and credentials to give such an advice.

This is a bit of a stupid question but I think it would be grate to be a Dutch designer as the government gives you massive subsidies if you’re an artist, architect, or designer.


Saudi Arabia, where bad design is a crime. I hear they chop your hands off for that. Obviously a land of opportunity.

In response to an earlier post, red M&M’s are the best.

I don’t need to justify myself before you. Obviously, you’re not over 40 and your yoda comment does not make you sound much older. Enjoy your life, it seems to suit you.

it seesm to me that the Nordic countries offer the most unique and progressive design community. that’s where i could see myself.

I think it has no NO.1~
evertwhere you like,you think there can create a good designer.then there is.

I wanna go back to China and make it a better place for Design…

Kind of a dumb question. Depends heavily on what you mean by best – the most designer-friendly enviroment, the best financial prospects, the most (or fewest) other designers…

Elaborate please.

It’s true the nordic countries have subsidies for everyone, but where do you think that money comes from? They tax over 50% of what you make - read communism - if you were making your own designs I could see it as being good because I think you’d make a living while getting started - and then move when you start getting the money coming in, unless you want to share your profits with lazy bones Sven down the street who is a welfare dad bilking the system. They say executives over there make the same as factory workers after taxes - that sounds really motivating.

any place that you can make money from design is good. as long as you dont go hungry and have a roof over your head and able to buy stuff and survive is good place for designers.