The Overwhelming Preoccupation with Naked Ladies

I do a pretty hefty amount of surfing on my lunch hours and down time at work. I usually end up digging through various sites displaying the artwork of other artists and I have noticed one thing:

No matter what the actual training or profession, designers LOVE to draw naked women and ripped men. Why is that???

I certainly went through my phase of it when I was starting out, but that didn’t last long and I find sketches/drawings of “normal” people to be so much better. The comic book physique just seems cliche and SOOOOOOOO overused.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this???

What I’d like to achieve is something more stylistic in drawing of figures in concept design. Artwork after all has alot to do with visceral aspects of the viewer. I don’t mean they all have to be beutiful looking people or even erotic. Dynamic and thematic is probably all it needs to get the point across to the viewer.

Honestly, normal looking postures are very boring to me. I often see artists posing figures in very stiff millitant stance even if the figure itself is not the focus. They don’t tell much story.

First of all, “perfect” figure is easier to draw well than “inperfect” ones like fat or lumpy people.

Secondly, people prefer to look at beautiful things, or at least things they find pleasant to look at.

Thirdly, you don’t find ugly supermodels do you? When you have the choice to determine how your character looks, unless it has certain special features that you want to express, who would you pick something ugly?

Even the greek and roman sculptures and paintings tend to use “perfect” looking people/characters as subjects. So this goes a long way back, not just in the modern comics.

I agree. As designers, we are compelled to find the ideal in anything we draw or communicate. But why when we draw or doodle characters, do the men have cool outfits, gadgets, gear, etc. And the women, are all scantliy clad, if clad at all. But it doesn’t stop there, drawings of women almost always show them with backs arched, legs extended, chest stuck out, and head thrown back.

It’s fine that we want to draw what we see as perfection in our characters, but why do we almost always show the women as pin-ups and centerfolds?

I’m just curious as to the psychology of it. Are we all pervs?

I know you’re just joking, but preoccupation with naked ladies is hardly perversion. Its almost the history of western art.
When I see a naked lady, if she doesn’t have her back arched, etc. I can still appreciate her nudity on an aesthetic level. But if she assumes that pose it means sex. Its called presenting. Most male mammals have programming that responds to certain signals, and lacking the more overt plumage and colorful displays of, say, birds - we tend to create them by superficial means. That can be most easily achieved by assuming a posture that appeals to the opposite sex. You can see the sexy body image evolve over decades and centuries with the culture, and its often revealing about the values of the culture. Personally, I find that the more subtle or sublime the sexual cues the more aesthetically inclined the recipient. Nevertheless, a naked lady presenting is undeniably stirring to a hetero male whether he admits it or not.
The female body has always been a platform for displaying male values. From the big billowy Venus of Willendorf to skinny little Kate Moss, women with the right stuff for the right environment have been celebrated by the culture of men.
Enough psychobabble.
What I mean is, a preoccupation with naked ladies is fine but constantly drawing the same poses may only serve to expose you as having only a narrow sexual appreciation. Either that or it shows what you know. If you’ve only ever seen the way women are posed in magazines and comics then thats what you learn to draw. Get a girlfriend, get married, take a few figure drawing classes, whatever. If all of the real naked women you see in your life are like your drawings, good for you.
If all of the women in your life looked like hell, maybe drawing the stylized nude is an escape or something.
I like to draw naked women sometimes too. Sometimes they’re hot, sometimes they’re not. I certainly don’t post them online for the world to see. Theres a bit too much information about me in them.

Talk about too much information! Sorry :unamused:

Very nice reply, greatly enjoyed the read. Thanx

Well… it is much better than the naked “aliens” this illustrator I used to work with used to draw… what the hell is that?