The "Over 40" ad agency

This popped up in my twitter feed today and I thought it was a very unique positioning for an advertising agency. Instead of saying “we stack our offices with the hottest youngest talent”, they are saying “we bring in experienced veterans in their 40’s and 50’s who want to do their best work”. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something like this before.

either they are really expensive or everyone’s already loaded. how can you have an agency without a younger working class to exploit?

I’m skeptical. Just because you used to work at a big name agency, doesn’t automatically mean you did great work there. Why did you leave if you’re still bragging about having worked there?

Having been in that position, maybe the big agency isn’t what you thought it would be…

C’mon guys, it’s advertising. Doesn’t matter if it’s only partial true, it’s getting attention and fills their network with decision makers. Job well done!

I know a lot of people in agencies. It’s a different model and lifestyle than a design agency. It’s a very fast churn lifestyle with high burn rate. Young people routinely do 70+ Hours a week. You are “senior” if you’ve been there for 3 years. Everyone is a creative director (most agencies maybe have 5-6, not one like a corporate design dept). People move between agencies all the time. Like if you’ve been there for more than 1.5 years, you are a veteran.

It’s an interesting angle, but not sure if it brings much actual talent benefit.

… I’ve seen in ID where people come from big name companies but all that means is they didn’t get hands on much actual work, and if so, only handled a tiny bit as there were multiple teams of people from multiple departments involved. Mostly true at lower levels though. I’d rather hire someone who junior worked at a start up,or small consultancy than a multinational given similar years exeprience as they probably did more actual work.

At a senior level though, the exposure you get on larger projects, with more teams and resources and budgets at stake is a benefit for sure.

How old are these ex people anyhow? Is it Don Draper out of touch with the kids or…?


“expensive” is relative. I’d venture to guess they bring far more value.

Birmingham AL is probably an affordable place to launch a new venture too.

Good catch. They should have gone full into the concept and made the agency based out of Palm Springs or Florida or something. A whole community of semi-retired, old creatives. haha.


Being in Birmingham probably also eliminates young people from seeking those jobs.

That would have been waaaay better.

Imagine the profit margins in helping a senior-living community figure out their various IT needs, show them how to sign up for Facebook, and design personal websites for their craft sales and bowling meets! Easily 3x the income of the ad world, and 1/3 the bull. FEARLESS Agency Palm Springs.

Anyone want to meet me there in ohhh 20 years to launch the v.2 business?

I guess if I was over 65, I would get Medicare. How about in 25 years?