The other new phone!

Blackberry just brought out a new Porsche designed phone.

Why Porsche, why?


The “porsche design” banner on the top is pretty tacky. I hope that is part of the screen and not the actual phone.

I can only begin to picture the marketing meetings and “persona” used to generate this one.

“Marco is a sophisticated gentleman, and in between work and play he likes to spend lots of money on cheap veneer for his outdated cell phone”

I’m guessing the guy addressed in this open letter from a bartender was the persona:


They made the “Porsche Design” logo so big so people wouldn’t notice it was a BlackBerry.

It amazes me that the powers that be are still releasing phones like this. Do they actually think they will be bought? Also, the comment about the persona is hilarious.

What about this one?

It looks much better than the Porsche Design one but I’m concerned about the functionality. It’s huge and having a physical keyboard plus touch could make the interaction slow, anyway, I would have to try one to give a proper opinion.

I think BB is where MS was 5 years ago. They try to be cool, but they just don’t seem to get it. The keyboard is OK, but there is so much content on the screen in their publicity shot. Instead of that saying, “wow, I’m so powerful, I can get you all this great info” it says, “wow, you won’t be able to find anything.” The design is OK. Definitely a step up from Porsche Design.

IDAL that design looks better, but probably more irrelevant than the porsche one as people who don’t have as much disposable income would be more discerning about what they buy.

I have an exclusive first image of blackberry’s new smartwatch too:

I had that watch from about 12 to 17.

I think it says a lot about where your company is at with it’s product when you launch your phone at a sports bar.

Not a big fan of the Porsche design but they did a really good job on the passport. Their target audience is clear and it really breaks away from the rest of the competition with usability at it’s core. It is not an iphone killer by any means and that was not their intention. This phone will not bend easily that is for sure.

The Passport metaphor is awesome. The keyboard, sharp edges, and material palette aren’t. =(

Supposedly they sold out of the first shipment already: