The next piece

After a short break due to having to repair a ceiling and a roof, as well as finishing the floor install, i am onto the headboard. Pretty sure i am gonna do the “oversized” option. And perhaps also add some trim. I am about 1/3rd of the way through planning down the wood…

I like the oversize one more. Also more flexible if you get a new bed etc.

I also really like that sliding door!

I second the oversize!

Getting some refined dims layed out (ignore the mapping its rough) also mad it a little wider and then roughed in what would be a 14x12 shelf which is 2 inch thick. I am thinking i may also want a black sconce on each side to tie in with the black hardware in the other pieces.

Thinking the headboard may be a little tall, and that from a portion stand point we should loose the box spring which would cut the mattress height in half…