The new world

I’m probably not going to be posting on design related subjects anymore. I have to devote my spare time to a higher cause, namely doing whatever I can to fight the fascist wave that is overtaking America, so that my children can live in a country worthy of them. I welcome the rest of you to do the same, and if you want to use this thread to help organize, or if you need help with something related to that cause, by all means contact me or post here or whatever. Just don’t become internal emigres. Don’t seek solace in personal pursuits with your friends and family. Fight this. Every day, with all your breath. This is too important and it affects too many lives for me to get beyond my anger and accept a new normal. There is nothing normal about fascism. I just can’t make myself care about design in any “extra curricular” sense. You have to call your Congress people, your local state reps, anyone at all, to help them understand that this has moved beyond alarming. Please.

A good place to start is: It’s a movement to synchronize state law to elect members of the electoral college based on the popular vote outcome. Very successful so far.

Another place might be the remnants of the Sanders campaign: It’s yet to be seen if they can remain a force between elections, but it’s worth a shot.

Last, get involved at the local level. I went to town hall meetings as a teen in Largo, FL with my mom. We were typically the only citizens there. City and local governments have more power in everyday lives than DC has, yet it’s neglected by everyone. If you want to change your community (or keep it the way it is), start there.